A UK software engineer with years of experience writing software for the web, desktop and automation.



The bulk of my career has been spent on a wealth of web development. Much of my focus has been on back-end services covering a range of tasks from e-Commerce, Asset management and high throughput data processing.

I've also spent years doing front-end development too with Javascript and CSS. Everything from using good plain old Javascript to frameworks such as React.


A few years of experience writing test automation software and relevant result, statistics tracking software.

Automation frameworks for web browser software and software for PC hardware devices. Some of the development has been more in-depth than what most people do. As an example, rather than just using Selenium, extending Selenium's funcitonality for the given task.

data processing

Worked for a geophysical survey company writing software to help with a range of tasks including writing / parsing binary data formats, GPU based data processing, 3D software plugins, software for controlling the data logging of gravity gradiometer and project management software (both desktop in C#, server side in Python).

Languages / Technologies

Python, Go, C/C++, Swift, JavaScript, Java, C#, Perl

Docker, AWS, Chef, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, SQL (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle), Jenkins, Git, Mercurial, Emacs, Vim


Currently I'm enjoying diving into Swift / SwiftUI and iOS development.

Other interests

Cycling, Deutsch lernen, writing, games (board or computer), IoT, coffee, gardening,and cats.


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