A UK based software engineer with years of experience writing software for the web, desktop / mobile and automation.


So far, most of my career has focused on web development with a preference towards the backend. This has included things such as an e-commerce web service and asset management systems for publishers, cloud-based digital signage management systems and SaaS security micro-services.

However, in addition to web development I’ve written software for geophysics companies. This includes things such as plug-ins for related software (OpendTect), tooling for processing binary survey data and data logging and control software for gravity gradiometer hardware. This role was quite cool actually and allowed me to try my hand at signal processing on 3D cards using Cuda (but no OpenCL).

Last, but not least, I’ve also enjoyed writing test automation software for common tasks like testing websites. Testing VM-based security software and automation for testing physical hardware which included both building hardware rigs and writing the automation framework.

Much of my career has been office based but I do have over two years of remote experience and find it just as enjoyable as more traditional means.

Languages / Technologies

Python, Go, Swift / Swift UI, Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, and PHP

Linux, Docker, AWS, Chef, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, SQL (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle), Jenkins, Git, Mercurial, Bamboo, Vim, and Emacs


The most recent thing I've been learning is Swift and Swift UI. I'm working on some iOS apps and also some experimental things using Swift NIO.

Other interests

Cycling, Deutsch lernen, walking / hiking, writing, games (board or computer), IoT, coffee, gardening, and cats.